Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Community Transit "Moves" Me, for Good!

"Transit helps me help the environment." Did you know that each year cars spew 1.5 tons of pollution into the air around Puget Sound? Getting vehicles off the road dramatically improves our air quality. And combining a bike trip with a Community Transit bus is a smart way to commute. Not only does it feel great, you know you're doing your part to help our environment by reducing car emissions.

Many of us, especially in more urban areas, live only a short bike ride from a bus route. In just a few minutes, you could be hopping on one of our buses and on your way to work or school. Every Community Transit bus is equipped with a bike rack to hold at least two bikes. If you've worried that it's hard to use a bike rack, don't be. It's easy! Whether you use a rack on the front of a bus, or load your bike onboard a Swift bus, it only takes a moment or two to secure your bike before you're on your way.

While the weather is nice, get out there and give bikes and buses a go. It's a chance to do right by your body and the environment. We're there for you. Let Community Transit move you, for good!

Transit moves me, for good! from Community Transit on Vimeo.

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