Thursday, May 5, 2016

Biking and Busing: It's Easy!

Thinking about biking to work, school, or play but it's just too long of a commute? Consider combining biking and busing! Many of us, especially in more urban areas, live only a short bike ride from a bus route. In five, ten, fifteen minutes, you and your bike could be whizzing to your destination on a Community Transit bus. It's easy, convenient, and feels great! Plus you know you're doing your part to help our environment by reducing car emissions.

Every bus in our fleet is equipped with a bike rack to hold at least two bikes. You've probably seen them on the front of most buses and wondered how they worked, or if they'd be intimidating to use. They're really as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. When the bus comes to a complete stop, make sure the driver sees you before stepping in front of the bus.
  2. Unlatch the bike rack at the center handle and fold it down toward you.
  3. Load your bike into the labeled slots and raise the spring-loaded support arm over the front tire to secure the bike.

Our Swift buses hold three bikes, and are even easier to use. Just enter through the rear door and simply push your bike onto the rack in front of you. Ensure the front wheel is centered and secure under the roller. And you're off!

For more information on using bike racks on buses, check out our video, or visit our website.

How to use Bike Racks from Community Transit on Vimeo.

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