Thursday, August 1, 2013

Employees Host Picnic for Foster Children

By Nancy Lamus, Customer Relations Marketing Assistant

This year, as part of our United Way employee fundraising campaign, Community Transit “adopted” an organization for the first time. This meant that employees were given the opportunity to do additional fundraising and participate in additional events with this particular group.

The organization we chose was Hand in Hand. Hand in Hand is a volunteer organization whose sole mission is to help children who are removed from dangerous or unhealthy homes during a crisis. Children are brought to Safe Place, a shelter where they are cared for until a more permanent placement can be found. They provide food, clothing, health care and a safe, loving environment for these children in need.

After learning more about the group, I personally started to volunteer with Hand in Hand. It has been one of the most rewarding “jobs” of my life. I find I look forward to each and every shift, to care for these children and to spend time with the wonderful people who run this organization.

The employees of Community Transit partnered with Hand in Hand for two events this year -- a Christmas party and an old-fashioned family picnic. The picnic was held last Saturday (July 27). It was amazing! With the money raised from an employee waffle feed, we were able to have games, prizes and even a bouncy house for the kids at the picnic. They were all sent home with a personalized frisbee commemorating the event.

Several Community Transit employees volunteered at the picnic. Games sponsored by Community Transit included a duck pond, a bubble pool, a fishing game, potato sack race, a bean bag toss and many more. Every try won a prize! The joy on the faces of the children when they walked on to the field was priceless.

Community Transit’s own Oxy Gene, Defender of Truth Justice and Really Clean Air, made a special appearance. The kids love Oxy and enjoyed his superhero stories.

I am always amazed by the generosity of the employees from Community Transit. Thanks to our CEO Joyce Eleanor, our work with Hand in Hand has created many memorable moments for all of us here at Community Transit. We have managers, directors, office workers, dispatchers, bus drivers and mechanics all sharing in the work to bring joy to these kids. I guess I would ask: Who had more fun? The kids or those of us who were able to participate.

Thanks to the employees of Community Transit who gave this wonderful gift to the children of Snohomish County!