Monday, May 2, 2016

Meet Sara Leekley: Community Transit Coach Operator

You never know when a random conversation with someone will change your life. Sara Leekley was attending her high school reunion when a chance encounter with Chris Beck, our HR Program Manager, changed everything. After working as an Administrative Assistant for 25 years, Sara was looking to find a new career that would leave her feeling inspired. Chris enthusiastically suggested she drive for us!

Sara admitted to feeling pretty intimidated at the start of training. "I was terrified at first. You have to have a healthy respect for such a humongous vehicle." But the small, three person class and the encouragement of the trainers had her feeling more and more confident each day. "I loved the training department. They were incredibly thorough, and knew just how to push you a little out of your comfort zone. You learn and grow so much."

 This love of learning has continued in the last year since Sara got behind the wheel. "I learn something new every day. About people. About Snohomish County. I'm even more aware of what's going on in nature. I never noticed the change of seasons before. Now, when I watch the sun come up and it's just gorgeous outside, I think to myself, 'I get paid to drive around all day. This is awesome!'"

Sara spent five years working for the Coast Guard after high school. She spent most of her teen years growing up on a sailboat, making the two hour commute each way from the family sailboat in Port Orchard to Junior High and High School in Seattle (of course utilizing public transit to get there!). "I've been looking for my last job for a long time. One that I'll enjoy until I'm done working. The funny thing is, when I got my uniform for this job, it looked the same as my uniform for my first job."

We are excited to have you on board, Sara! Your love for being on the road is inspirational. We hope this is the "last job" you've been looking for.

What inspires you at your job? Is it learning? Connecting with people? Let us know in the comments!

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