Thursday, August 4, 2016

"I'm Chuck. And I Plan It."

Designing the routes and schedules for a transit system that extends into two counties and serves tens of thousands of people is part science and part art. We have a team of planners that strategically analyzes and interprets complex data to determine the best way to meet the needs of our customers. Meet Chuck, one of our Schedule Analysts, who strives to ensure our customers receive the timely service they need and deserve.

A commitment to service has always been important to Chuck. His varied career includes being a pastor, a choral director, and a janitor before finding his way to us as a coach operator in 1999. After six years of driving for us, Chuck took on his role developing and monitoring our schedules. It's no small task! "I interpret APTS (Advanced Public Transportation Systems) data. When you factor in the vagaries of weather, traffic, and driving styles, it can be like hitting a moving target. Planning for transfers and connections adds to the complexity, as do the different challenges between urban vs. rural routes. I work with a very talented team that has excellent synergy. We work together to find that "sweet spot" where buses are on time without being too early or too late."

Chuck and his team work 3-6 months ahead of any service changes. This includes spending time each week in the field timing and gathering information for our scheduling software. Schedule Analysts, like Chuck, are required to maintain their Commercial Driver's License and drive buses in the field to help plan and revise routes. "I get excited about the detail work. I enjoy getting out in the field to see how routes are working."

For someone who has looked for opportunities to be of service in his career, transit service has proved to be very rewarding. "Community Transit is such a positive and caring community. People are good listeners and encourage each other. They enrich your life like a family. It's modeled from the top down. Everyone is always striving to do better, to provide convenient and reliable service to our customers, some of whom are transit dependent."

Thank you, Chuck, for sharing your passion for service with our colleagues, our customers, and our community.

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