Tuesday, June 28, 2016

"Be A Clean Air Superhero" Contest Winners, Ages 1-5

We asked kids all over Snohomish County to show us how they would help our favorite pollution-fighting superhero, Oxy Gene, clean the air we breathe. Thanks, kids, for entering our "Be A Clean Air Superhero" contest! There were so many great ideas that we chose multiple winners for each age category.

The winners from our 1-5 age group are super fun! Whether with wings, a cape, or a huge smile, these five year olds know that planting trees and flowers is an important part of keeping our air clean. We'll be sharing their cheerful drawings on Oxy Gene's web page and on social media all week long.

Join us next week for winners from our 6-8 age group category!

Northshore Christian Academy, Age 5

Preschool Pals, Age 5

Heatherwood Pre-K, Age 5

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