Thursday, July 7, 2016

"I'm Mary. And I Resource It."

Each weekday over 36,000 passengers rely on us to bring them home. It takes a dedicated team of employees who are passionate about the passenger to make this happen. How do we find such a wonderful group of people? Through our talented Human Resources department, where individuals like Mary get excited to grow relationships, build confidence, and empower employees to be successful.

First impressions are everything. Mary remembers the sense of belonging she felt when first hired in 2004 as an administrative clerk. "They were prepared for me. Everything I needed was ready for me before I got there. That felt great." As a Human Resources Assistant for nearly ten years, Mary has been making all new hires feel valued from day one. "Part of my role is giving a benefits orientation to all new hires. It's such a positive position! I get to meet everyone in the agency which is rare. For many people it's their first impression of Human Resources, so I try to be friendly, open, and welcoming."

For Mary, it's not just about establishing good relationships with employees. She is committed to maintaining and growing those relationships as well. "I try to treat each person as an individual, to make time for them. It's important to be accessible, to give everyone my full attention. I don't think of my job as a job. I'm here because I want to be. These aren't just new hires, they're coworkers I'm excited to meet and get to know."

Helping others navigate sensitive issues also presents Mary with an opportunity to create a safe and trusted environment for employees. "I help them gain the skills and tools they need to be successful. By being a good listener, I am able to help them build on their strengths. I get excited that people will come and talk with me and share their personal stories."

Employees who are valued from the day they walk in our door, end up being employees who are happy to come to work. This translates to a work environment where employees feel they have a voice and a support system to be successful. Thank you, Mary, for fostering a work environment that feels like family. A family that believes in bringing people home.

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