Monday, August 15, 2011

Same Alternatives, New Mix for 2012 Changes

Just as the Hybrid Alternative (see previous post) is a mixture of existing proposals to reduce service, our revised "2012 System Changes" web page provides new ways to view existing information. Both the Hybrid and the web page have some differences compared to the originals which we hope are improvements.

New information now posted on the system change pages includes:

  • Route-by-route charts for local and commuter changes updated to include all three original alternatives plus the Hybrid Alternative
  • A new “Transit Service” chart compares how each alternative affects routes to major transit hubs and destinations
  • More standard (and hopefully simplified) navigation
  • New maps to illustrate the Hybrid Alternative routing changes
We previously updated the “Public Comments Summary” page to provide an overview of input so far.

We also have an “FAQs” page – let us know if you have more questions for which you’d like answers.

Finally, for a timeline of where we’ve been and where we’re going in this complex and difficult process, see our “Process” page.

A decision on the final February 2012 service plan is expected at the Sept. 1 Community Transit Board of Directors meeting.

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