Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Potential Board Action on 2012 System Change

One of the action items on the Aug. 4 Community Transit Board of Directors meeting agenda is the February 2012 System Change - the proposed service cuts for next year.

Although this is a scheduled action item, depending on the board discussion there may or may not be a vote.

Over the past two weeks, since a July 21 board workshop on the service alternatives and public comment, a new hybrid alternative has emerged. Details are available on the website, but in a nutshell the hybrid alternative combines the commuter network of Alternative I with the local route network of Alternative III, with some modifications.

The goal of all the service alternatives is to meet a reduction of 80,000 service hours, which is a 20 percent cut in service. The original three alternatives were put out for public comment in June and more than 1,800 comments were received through mid-July.

Once a board decision is reached, that will set into motion a cavalcade of work to implement the service cuts in February 2012. Bus stops and/or signage may need to be changed, maps and schedules need to be created and printed, run cuts will be done to determine which drivers will drive which routes and that will dictate the actual number of drivers needed to operate the service.

But first, the board must decide, possibly on Aug. 4. Stay tuned.


  1. Well, what happened?

  2. I hope afternoon trip of #410 from downtown Seattle will serve Ash Way Park and Ride in this hybrid alternative. In hybrid alternative, #410 will cut from 8 morning trips and 8 afternoon trips to 7 morning trips and 6 afternoon trips.

    If #410 stops at Ash Way, this will not only allow Ash Way riders to hop on #410. This also allows Mariner riders to hop on #413, #415 or even #511 to Ash Way. From Ash Way, Mariner riders have choices of #410, #860, #201/#202 to Mariner Park & Ride.

    Why can't #410 stop at Ash Way since #410 already there...?