Friday, August 5, 2011

Board Asks for Comment Before Sept. 1 Vote

The Community Transit Board of Directors did not take a vote on a 2012 System Change alternative yesterday, but asked for more time for public review and comment on the hybrid alternative that has recently emerged.

Yesterday's pass sets up a likely vote on Sept. 1 as a decision is needed on a final service plan for staff to do all the work needed to implement the changes in February 2012.

The hybrid alternative came out of board discussions based on the public input about the original three service alternatives.
The hybrid incorporates the commuter service network described in Alternative I and the local service network described in Alternative III, with a few changes.

The board reviewed the hybrid alternative yesterday and added a couple of changes to Route 222 that serves the Tulalip Reservation to address concerns that had been raised by the Tribe. The costs of retaining a bus stop near Quil Ceda Creek Casino and service to a loop at Silver Village are offset by operational efficiencies that would be instituted along that route.

While board members were reluctant to call the hybrid a "preferred" alternative, it does reflect an evolution of thinking about the original proposals. Board members said they specifically want to hear from riders what they think about this hybrid alternative before they are set to vote in September. Riders can send their comments by Aug. 26 to

New maps are being created to illustrate the changes unique to the hybrid alternative and will be posted on the website early next week. Also, a separate page describing all the features of the hybrid alternative is being created.

Meanwhile, web visitors can use the existing route-by-route chart to learn how their service could be impacted under the hybrid by reviewing Alternative III for local routes (100s and 200s) and Alternative I for commuter routes (400s and 800s).

Although the idea of adding minimal Sunday service to the hybrid alternative was discussed at the meeting, there was no direction given.

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  1. Alternative III is still the best option. I know it pains commuters from Marysville, Stanwood and other far-flung places, but it really makes sense to use feeder routes and increase frequency.