Friday, March 3, 2017

Stabbing Victim Reunited with Life Saving Transit Deputy

Fotiki Fofana and Deputy Cline
Fotiki Fofana nearly lost his life on January 31 when he was stabbed multiple times in the neck at Everett Station. After several surgeries and a stay in Intensive Care, Fofana is now home and recovering. He wanted the chance to meet and thank the man that he believes saved his life.

That day came on Tuesday, February 28, as Snohomish County Sheriff’s Deputy Jeff Cline visited Fofana and his family. As soon as the door opened, Fofana exclaimed, “My hero! My hero!”

It was a fairly typical Tuesday morning in January for the Community Transit Police Unit. Deputy Cline was headed to Everett Station for a check of the area when routine turned into chaos.

While stopped at the traffic light near Everett Station, Deputy Cline saw a man running from the bus bays bleeding heavily from his neck. Within seconds Deputy Cline was out of his patrol car and applying pressure to the multiple stabs wounds.

While providing aid, Cline called for medical help. A witness at the scene pointed out the attacker coming towards them. Deputy Cline had no back up, but was able keep the suspect away with verbal commands. The suspect took off in the other direction and Deputy Cline called to other officers the suspect’s description and direction of travel. Sergeant Don Hart of the Transit Police Unit was nearby and was one of the first officers to respond and arrest the suspect.

Fofana has a long road of recovery ahead but was thankful for Deputy Cline being in the right place at the right time and knowing how to save his life.

Just this week the suspect was officially charged with attempted murder by the prosecutor’s office. The suspect and Fofana did not know each other and the attack was unprovoked. 

The Transit Police Unit is a division of the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office working under contract for Community Transit.

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