Thursday, November 17, 2016

Meet Devan Hogan: Community Transit Coach Operator

When every day is different, it certainly keeps the work day from getting boring! Rotating schedules, changing environments, and a wide range of vehicles and customer personalities have Coach Operator Devan Hogan looking forward to the unique challenges each day will bring.

Though Devan has been with Community Transit for less than two years, there have been opportunities where he has driven all of Snohomish County in the course of a week. "Going different places every day is fun. I get to see gorgeous sunrises and sunsets every day. New places and new faces makes it feel like I'm doing something new every day."

Devan stresses how important diversity training was when training to be a Coach Operator, "We learned to be sensitive to different kinds of people. One of the biggest things we deal with are different personalities every day, some of which can be difficult. We learn how to be patient and answer questions, and to respect that everyone is in a different stage in their life."

Different routes require different buses as well. "The length of a bus changes how it drives. While I've driven Swift and our articulated 60' buses, surprisingly it's the 40' buses are the most challenging to drive. They're harder to turn since the axles are further apart." Driving these challenging vehicles makes Devan feel like he can do anything, "It's a fun job. It's given me the confidence to feel that if I can drive any of those vehicles, what else can I drive? I'm thinking a motorcycle next."

Thank you, Devan, for being part of the Community Transit family and for reminding us that every day is an opportunity for embracing change and learning something new.

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