Thursday, November 3, 2016

"I'm Carlos. And I Ride It."

For 40 years we've been privileged to provide safe, reliable, and friendly service to Snohomish County. From our early years as a small bus company, we've grown to provide nearly 10 million passenger boardings each year across one of the fastest growing counties in the state. This milestone birthday is a perfect opportunity to give thanks to the people that make it possible to serve our community... our riders. People like Carlos, who rely on us each day to bring them home.

Having grown up in rural, central Washington, Carlos was new to transit when he moved to Lynnwood nearly a year ago. The daunting commute to downtown Seattle convinced him to give transit a try. "I hate to drive. Taking the bus is so much easier and convenient, and I don't have to worry about finding and paying for parking. I just walk a block to the corner to catch the 115 or 116 to the Ash Way Park & Ride where I transfer to the 415 express bus to downtown."

For Carlos, taking transit is about more than convenience. It's also a rare opportunity for a little 'me' time. "It's really pleasant to download a show and watch a little TV on the ride downtown. Even though it takes longer to get to work, I put on headphones and can just zone out for a little while. It's like meditation time and I really enjoy that."

Taking the bus also provides a change of scene, even when you take the same bus route each day, "You tend to see more around you on the bus, too. When you're driving you're paying attention just to the drivers around you. All of your focus is on being a defensive driver. But when you take the bus, you can look out the window and discover all sorts of shops and restaurants you just don't catch when you're driving."

Carlos doesn't just rely on Community Transit to get him to and from work. Being a one-car family means Carlos and his four young children regularly rely on transit to get groceries, go to the bank, run errands, and have fun. "It's not hard at all to navigate transit with kids. We go to the grocery store all the time and can manage three bags of groceries with the stroller. We also like to take the 115 or 116 to Alderwood Mall to run around. There are a couple of drivers that are really friendly and say hi to the kids and ask what we're up to that day."

Thank you, Carlos, for the responsibility you have entrusted in us to serve you, your family, and our community. We look forward to bringing you home for many more years to come.

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