Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Want to feel amazing and energized when you get to work? Bike to Work!

By Laurel McJannet

Alex is one of our newest Community Transit employees, but he's not new to the world of biking to work. So, it was only natural for him to join Team VeloCeeTee during Bike to Work Month.

Ok, Alex. Same questions I asked Rita-- ready...set...go! (Answers below!)

Alex commutes to our Kasch Park Operations Base 4-5 days a week.

How often do you bike outside of Bike Month?
Regular bicycle commuter- 4-5 days per week.

Why do you bike?
Primarily health and stress reasons-- I simply cannot put up with sitting in traffic when I could be pedaling through a beautiful forest on the North Creek trail, or zipping past congestion on the InterUrban.

I feel amazing and energized when I get to work, I get the best parking in the office, and I’ve met my daily cardio goals-- and then some!

What do you like most about biking?
It’s such an easy way to get around. No need to worry about parking or traffic, just a straight shot to my destination.

What makes biking to work challenging at times?
Weather can be tricky, and dealing with time constraints or hauling in the middle of the day.

Luckily, Community Transit accommodates for all of that--I can shower and change at the office, take transit for part of my trip with my ORCA Card, and use a company vehicle for midday meetings.

Alex’s Bike: I have a Spot Wazee, which is a little company based out of Golden, CO that specializes in belt-drive bikes. I love it.

Alex’s advice for the beginning bike rider contemplating biking to work:

Plan your route in advance and give it a trial run on the weekend. That’ll give you an idea of the time it’ll take-- and you don’t even have to factor in rush hour since that really doesn’t apply to bikes! Also, bring a few changes of clothes and some shower stuff and leave it at your office for those days you get rained on or are a little too sweaty for business as usual.

Thanks, Alex-- and welcome to Community Transit! Has Alex inspired you to bike to work?

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