Friday, May 22, 2015

This "Scotty" Won't Beam You Up, But He Sure is Great for a Bike Ride

Dana poses with "Scotty," his Scott Peak mountain bike.
Recruited by fellow Team VeloCeeTee member, Rita, Dana has been participating in Bike to Work Month (and the team) for 8 or 9 seasons. 

Here's my interview with Dana, a transportation supervisor at Community Transit. (He's the guy who finds out about city and state construction and road work so we can plan re-routes to keep our service running smoothly.) 

How often do you ride outside of Bike to Work Month?

I ride 2-3 times/week through the year.  (Not quite so much if piles of snow or ice are in the bike lanes or the roadways.)

Why do you ride a bike?
Several reasons for my rides: 
  • My health
  • Saves wear and tear on my car
  • Some quality time without radios
  • Community Transit does give me a TIP* benefit, which I appreciate
  • Personal satisfaction that I have done what I have done
  • Thankfulness that I can do what I have been doing
  • Some pleasing views and fragrances in nature that I would miss in the car
  • Some quality time with other passengers aboard the bus trips
  • I enjoy and appreciate my bus drivers; etc. :)
  • Oops!  I answered this question quite a bit!
What makes biking to work challenging at times?
Weather-- and sometimes getting away from the office a bit later than desired some evenings.

What kind of bike do you ride?
My “Scotty” is a Scott Peak mountain bike, which now has road tires.  I believe it is a 1993 vintage.

Dana's advice for the beginning bike rider contemplating biking to work:
I agree with Alex on being aware of bus schedules and comfort. 

Also, a rider needs to allow enough time for emergent situations, like flat tires, an occasional street/road closure; more than enough bikes on the bus by the time it gets to your stop; know how to change/repair a flat; a helmet-mounted mirror is a very good investment; always be aware of the traffic on all sides of you; always be courteous (There are more than enough snarky or arrogant riders and drivers out there already.).

It can be really easy to become discouraged in the early stages.  If a person does not overdo it or give up early on, the little steps of the beginning and early stages will eventually become an accomplishment that will bring a great deal of satisfaction.  (Take that from a 62-year-old!)

Thanks, Dana! So, you've heard from three of our Team VeloCeeTee bike commuters. Have you put your two wheels to the test?

*TIP stands for Travel Incentive Program where employees earn incentives for using alternate ways to commute to work besides driving alone-- like, biking to work! 

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