Wednesday, January 4, 2012

February 2012 Route Information is Online

We are now several days into the new year and more details are available about the upcoming Feb. 20 service change. This is one of the largest service changes in our agency’s history—every route will be affected, although the commuter service to the University District will see only minor schedule changes.

In all, nine routes are being eliminated, 20 routes have changes to their routing and 29 routes will have fewer trips scheduled. There also will be two new routes, one in south county along 196th between Edmonds and Alderwood, and one in north county taking over the eastern portion of Route 240 between Smokey Point and Arlington.

The information now online is the same information that is in the Guide to Service Change that is going on buses this week. That booklet provides comprehensive information about the routing changes, trip reductions or frequency reductions, and tips for connections for each route. There are also maps for each route that has routing changes, and area maps to show how the service will connect in various geographic areas.

What the Guide to Service Change does not have are the specific schedules or bus stop lists for each route. Those will be available online soon, and the Bus Plus schedule books will be on buses at the beginning of February.

Here is an example of what information is in the Guide and online now:

Route 113: Mukilteo–Ash Way Park & Ride
Routing Changes - Map (shown above):
• Revised route ends at Ash Way Park & Ride instead of Lynnwood Transit Center.
• No service south of 164th Street.
Weekday Schedule: Daytime frequency reduced from every 20 minutes to every 30 minutes.
Saturday Service: Frequency reduced from every 30 minutes to every hour.
Connecting Routes: Swift, Routes 101, 112, 115, 116, 119, 201, 202, 413, 415, 417, 810, 860, 880, 885, 511, 532, Everett Transit, Sounder, Washington State Ferries.
Route 113 Rider Tips:
• Routes 112 and 113 will connect at Ash Way Park & Ride instead of Lynnwood.
• For service to Alderwood mall or Lynnwood Transit Center, passengers can transfer at 164th Street & 35th Ave. or Ash Way Park & Ride to Routes 115, 116, 201 or 202, all of which have frequent service.

The map shows the new routing, along with what section has been deleted. The rider tips explain that riders wanting to get to Alderwood, Lynnwood Transit Center or the Lynnwood Civic Center can transfer to specific buses to get there.

What riders will discover as they begin to use the newly designed service is that Route 113 now connects to the Ash Way Park & Ride, which has connections all over the county and to Seattle so there are new opportunities. It will take some getting used to, but our planners, faced with the financial reality of cutting 20 percent of our service, redesigned many routes to shorten trips, connect to other service and open up new opportunities.

Because some riders will need to transfer when they didn’t need to before, it is even more important for people to get an ORCA card if they don’t have one. With ORCA, your fare is transferred to any other trip you take in the next two hours.

In the coming days, and for the next two months, we’ll have more information here and on the website about the Feb. 20 service change.


  1. When will the timetables come out?

    Why in the world would you not add an LTC stop for the new 196 route? This, coupled with your changes to routes 120 and 113 have obliterated my husband's commute options.

  2. Megan, Jeff, schedules will be available on the website next week (Jan. 9) and Bus Plus books will be on buses @Feb. 1.

    As for Route 196, the thinking is this route serves 196th street. The deviation into LTC would take about 5 minutes, at least. What we have done around our network is cut loops that take extra time to keep frequencies. If Route 196 went into LTC, we could not maintain a 30-minute schedule, or we'd have to spend more money to do so. There are many routes that serve LTC, so hopefully Jeff can use one of those. Please call (425) 353-7433 and we'd be happy to help plan his trip. Thanks!

  3. I called the (425) 353-7433 number and the operator said that she doesn't have departure time information yet.

    I need to find out the departure times for the 120 bus leaving from LTC in the direction of Bothell in the 6am and 7am hours. Thank you.

  4. Thanks. As mentioned in the blog article, schedules will be available beginning next week, Jan. 9. We hope your commute works out!

  5. I would like to say "Thank you".

    Best wishes to drivers who have serving us over the years and will loss their jobs after February.

  6. ya know andy CT has over 125 jobs titles to support about 250 drivers...more than 1 admin job for every driving job...1 HR rep for every 80 eomployees when the average should be 1 for 250 to 300 employees
    the last layoff saw 50 drivers lost and no admin jobs..reposibility today for a promising tommorrow hhhhmmmmmm , make ya wonder if the people in charge are really there to serve the public or serve themselves with our tax dollars

    my prediction is that CT is running itself into the ground and will probably not be around in the next ten years...they keep crying resession when tax revenue is about the same and fare revenue is up...mabey it's time for state to actually step in and autit this flushing toilet bowl of our tax dallars and put someone in charge who can run a company with some efficency

  7. wow many cheifs not enough indians....we had a great driver the other day in the snow and we found out he is getting laid off..what they need to do is get rid of a few of those cranky rude drivers and keep the nice ones...I have looked into who my rep is on the board of directors and I am going to be contacting him directly and give him a piece of my mind, I know it won't do any good seeing that he is a republican just like the CEO of it for themselves even though the public they are serving pays there wages

  8. I just went through some of the maps with routes etc. I noticed that with all the routing change,maybe they shouldve changed the 113 to go along 148th st Jefferson way to Ash way and let the 119 take the 36th Ave 164th route. Commuters may be confused and reliant that the 113 they are on will turn into the 112 and not realize that I think i saw 112 buses leave Ash Way BEFORE the 113 arrives. The 196 route screws everyone ESPECIALLY if theres no stops between Scriber Lake Road and 40th ave. If property is an issue switch the 196 along 200th via 48th and 44th/40th Aves. Many ppl would like to go to B & N area from LTC without having to walk from LTC to 196th or from Azteca climb up the overpass hill and walk down OR from 204th and 28th Ave. You did a good job before routing buses to the major land marks and now it looks like the best you are going to do is save on payroll because the majority of stops your drivers are going to pass will not be used especially if several ppl have to transfer 2-3 times. I dont see the 112 stop on 200th and 44th safe either SB if your stop is going to be next to the chevron Black angus area. The onramp to I-5 will make it very dangerous.Ideally maybe you should destroy the walk seperating the LTC and 44th put a 4 way or transit priority stop light and allow the buses to enter and exit there. I cant figure out HOW you guys excited us with the services after the 2000 debacle to slowly but surely return BACK to 1999 and before. I noticed this when you started splitting the numbers on the full routes. 196 is now practically what the 180. The 112 became the 112/113. Hmm. wasted money with technology instead of keeping the numbers 170/140. 220 was retired so you had to change the 240 sign JUST to bring back the 220. The 620/118/119 was necessary for the 52nd ave to Fred Meyer run for many ppl. Maybe a loop route wouldve worked instead of having the 118 go along 188th st and losing business to the (114) 115 and 116 (119 when it was routed on 44th Ave. It mayve worked if it worked the 620 toward Fred Meyer on 48th either kept it straight to the LTC and loop back to the mall. and then instead of have the 115 stop @ EdCC and overflow the 116 had it extended sooner to Aurora Vill. and put the 115/116 instead of 30 minute 40 minute intervals so they are 20 minutes apart. Its also amazing that the 200 has returned also FT. Sounds like the old 210 also was erased for no reason