Thursday, March 28, 2019

Swift Green Line – At Your Service!

Swift Green Line launched Sunday, March 24. The Grand Opening and community celebration was a blast! It was an honor to meet community members that expressed excitement about Swift Green Line and to see riders boarding on the inaugural bus ride. This week, our goal is to maintain that community spirit by creating connections with riders and providing information about the new line.

Service Ambassadors
Service Ambassadors, from left: M.Rojas, N. Ludington, C. Peyton
Service Ambassadors are Community Transit crew-members that offer customer service, face-to-face while riding on buses and at Swift stations, in addition to checking fares. Often they can be seen assisting riders using ticket vending machines or ORCA readers and answering questions about bus connections. Additional ambassadors were hired to provide service across both Swift Blue and Green lines, increasing the crew from four ambassadors to eight. 

During this first week of service, ambassadors are actively looking for riders who are new to Swift and bus rapid transit systems in their goal to help minimize barriers and confusion that might go along with learning a new bus system.

Some of the ways Swift can differ from a regular bus line are:
  • Riders pay their fare prior to boarding the bus.
  • Riders can board at any of the Swift’s three doors.
  • Buses come more frequently: every 10 minutes on weekdays, and every 20 minutes during early mornings, nights and weekends.
      To learn more about how to ride Swift go to

New signage at Swift Green Line station
Service Ambassadors aren’t the only agency employees greeting riders this week. There are also Swift Street Teams assisting customers along Swift Green Line route. Team members answer questions and provide information to riders while riding on the bus and visiting Swift stations. In addition, team members gather feedback from riders at key locations, such as where Swift Blue and Green Lines meet at Airport Road and Highway 99.

Blue & Green Connection
Newly installed Swift Blue and Green Line signage is visible on Swift station columns at the intersection of Airport Road and Highway 99, where the two lines connect. The signage clearly identifies each station as “Blue Line” or “Green Line” to eliminate any confusion that might be caused by having two Swift lines operating in the same area. 

Have you have noticed the new signage and if so, do you think it’s helpful? We want your feedback, please leave us a comment below.  

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