Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Couples Find Love in Transit

It’s no secret that cupid has struck at Community Transit a time or two. In honor of Valentine’s Day we tell the stories of two couples who found love in transit.

Mike and Virginia

He’s a coach operator of 16 years and she has worked in admin for 10. Mike Meads and Virginia Ponce de Leon met on Facebook through a mutual co-worker (go figure) in June of 2014.  He liked her posts, she liked his posts. 

Next thing you know, they started messaging on Facebook and found out they had lots in common.
They hit it off right away on their first date, which was lunch at La Palmera on Evergreen (an employee favorite). Since they’ve been together, Virginia says she tries to sign up for coach operator appreciation on his sign-on time so she can give her favorite coach operator a big hug and kiss before he hits the road. 

A double order of congratulations is in order as they just got engaged on February 4, 2017 and are expecting their first child together this coming July, a little girl.

Paolo and Ronda

Paolo has been driving for Community Transit for the past 11 years. Ronda has been a coach operator for 7
years. Soon after Ronda started driving for Community Transit she would get paired together with Paolo to share a van back to base from their routes. They talked a lot on their rides together. Ronda says they talked about relationships and life most of the time.

They found that they liked many of the same activities and had a lot in common. They decided to start hanging out together and as Ronda says one thing led to another. Now they have been very happily married for 7 years in September.

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