Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Community Transit Bus Service and University Link

Congratulations to Sound Transit on the opening of University Link light rail service this Saturday, March 19!

Community Transit will be serving a new bus stop on the south end of the UW campus loop to help serve riders connecting with University Link. The University of Washington Link station is located adjacent to Husky Stadium. A pedestrian bridge over Montlake Boulevard connects the station to the UW Campus.

The new bus stop (CT #3081) is located at Stevens Way NE & Rainier Vista. It will provide the shortest connection between Community Transit UW bus service and University Link, about a 4-to-5 minute walk at typical walk speeds. It takes an additional few minutes to get from the station entrance to the train platform, so allow enough time for your connection.

Community Transit provides 84 bus trips on six 800-series routes Monday through Friday between various locations in Snohomish County and the University District. All Community Transit University District routes circulate through campus on Stevens Way.

The proximity of existing Community Transit service to University of Washington Station will provide new options for riders of the 800-series routes who may wish to travel to destinations on Capitol Hill or downtown Seattle on Link, or vice versa.

Because the primary market for our 800-series routes is University of Washington students, faculty and staff, there are no plans to change the routing of these buses. With the new bus stop, current routing provides convenient access to Link light rail. It would be less convenient and a longer ride for existing customers if the routes were extended to serve the Link station more directly.

Community Transit also provides a high level of service directly to downtown Seattle weekdays on our 13 400-series routes. Route 424 between Snohomish and Seattle also stops at the Hwy 520 Montlake Freeway Station south of UW.

We welcome the opening of University Link and look forward to more north line openings!

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