Monday, December 1, 2014

Swift turns 5!

Swift – the state’s first bus rapid transit line is now 5 years old!

On November. 30, Swift  marked its fifth year of providing quick, reliable service along Highway 99 in Snohomish County. (Does anyone remember that grand opening party on a day as cold as those we've had this week?)

That first day of service, Monday, Nov. 30, 2009, Swift transported 1,500 riders. These days, Swift carries about 5,700 riders each weekday – that translates into 125,000 riders a month, and about 1.5 million riders a year!

For several days this fall, Swift  carried more than 6,000 riders a day!

In 5 short years, Swift  has become Community Transit’s most popular route (highest ridership), one of our most productive routes (most riders per bus), and the cornerstone for a new network of countywide transit service.

What’s so great about Swift ?
Our customers tell us again and again that they love Swift because it is predictable. Buses arrive every 12 minutes between 6 a.m. and 7 p.m. weekdays, and every 20 minutes at night and Saturdays. With next bus signs at each station counting down to Swift’s next departure, you don’t need a schedule.

Swift service is also fast. Because riders pay at the station, buses are typically stopped for only 10 seconds. That keeps the bus moving and gets you to your destination faster.

Whether you’ve been riding since the beginning, or just started this year, we thank you for riding Swift  We also want to hear your stories and see your pictures.

All this week we will be talking about Swift  on this blog, on our Facebook page and on Twitter. We'll be talking about our Swift  drivers, our Ambassadors and Swift  II! We'll be handing out chocolate bars, and there will even be a photo contest!

So, what's your Swift story?


  1. 4-21-15
    Everett to aurora. 751am pick up
    why are you training new drivers at peak hours?? This bus was 10 minutes behind. I missed my connecting route. 3 minutes after we arrived to aurora, the 803 from Everett arrived. Wtf
    This was ridiculous!!

  2. We posed your question to our trainers. They tell us it's important that trainees learn the nuances of the route, customer service, fare collection etc. The only way to get this kind of driving experience is by putting them on the road as part of their training.

    While this can pose a challenge to customers who are on a tight schedule, it would be far worse if new coach operators were put behind the wheel without this experience. In addition to the trainer, new drivers also have an in-service route instructor along for the ride who can assist-- including taking over the bus driving duties if necessary.