Thursday, April 24, 2014

Service Increases Coming this Fall

Community Transit is adding a modest amount of bus service in September. A proposal of where that new service will go was announced earlier this month, and public comment is being taken through May 2.

This is the first of two planned service increases; the second will be in June 2015.

Community Transit is able to add service because sales tax revenue has been higher this past year. You may recall that it was a massive drop in sales tax revenue (which is our primary funding source) in 2008 that led to our service cuts in 2010 and 2012.

The two service increases planned for this year and next are just a fraction of what was cut (32,500 service hours being added vs. 160,000 service hours that were cut), but it is significant enough that Sunday service may be able to return in 2015.

The additions planned for this fall will address some problems that came about after our last cut in 2012. We also are doing our best to run a highly efficient operation, given our limited resources, so one of the proposals is to eliminate Route 110, which has had few riders since it was created in 2012. That frees up service hours for other improvements that will serve
many more people.

Please check out the proposal and send your comments. Later this fall, after these changes have been made, we will announce plans for the 2015 service increase based on the input you have been giving us the past two years.

We invited discussion on this blog and our other social media, but remember, if you want to submit formal comments you must send them to


  1. I'm confused about the article. It states that route 110 was created in 2012, however I remember route 110 as far back as at least 2005/2006. Did you guys perhaps mean route 111?

    1. Well the 2005 rt 110 was different then the current 110. Routes base on number changes it looks all the time, if they did keep the 110 and who knows if the 110 comes back to life it wont look like what it is now.