Thursday, March 13, 2014

Bus Driver Appreciation Day: Thanks for the Great Ride!

Banner image of bus driver promoting Bus Driver Appreciation Day March 18

Tuesday, March 18 is Bus Driver Appreciation Day, which was created in 2009 by a couple of bus riders in Seattle who wanted to show gratitude for the men and women behind the wheel. Since its creation, the bus riding public and transit agencies far and wide have embraced this day of recognition— and Community Transit is no exception. As we did last year, our employees are organizing to show our appreciation of our co-workers as they leave to cover their routes from our Merrill Creek base.

Picture of staff on Bus Driver Appreciation Day

We think our coach operators are amazing people! Like other customer service jobs where all you hear is the bad (and hardly ever the good), it can really make their day to hear a simple and heartfelt, “Thank you!”

So on March 18, we invite you to give your bus driver a word or two of appreciation. We suggest:

  • Showing your virtual support of Bus Driver Appreciation Day by joining the event on our Facebook Event Page.
  • Share what you appreciate about your bus driver either by commenting on this post or on our Facebook page.
  • Giving your driver a virtual "High Five" on Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #high5
  • Just say, "Thank you" as you de-board the bus.

Consider sending an official email to or call (425) 353-7433. Commendations from our customers are not only appreciated by our drivers, but give them recognition among their peers and supervisors.

Thanks for taking the time to give 'em thanks!

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