Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Where's My Bus: The Conclusion

When last we left Jeff, he and his family waited for hours at the Lynnwood Transit Center in hopes of spotting one of the two buses that had his Smart Commute bus ad. It seemed their adventure was for naught, but this story concludes with a happy ending-- as you can see below. Take it away, Jeff!

"We huddled at bus bay where our route was to arrive and waited.  The drivers were all courteous and kind, but they were wondering why we didn’t get on the bus!  We let them know we were waiting for “Jeff’s bus” and showed them the poster as evidence.  The third bus driver let us know the total route time and figured there were a total of 9 or 10 buses that we may have to wait through to check them all out.  We got through about 5 buses and the kids were getting pretty cold.  We were also running out of daylight for a good quality photo, so we decided to leave. 
Just then—right on our way out of the Transit center--our youngest yelled, “Dad! – There you are!
My wife quickly parked. We ran over to the driver and let him know he was carrying my poster around on his bus board and that we wanted a photo.  Luckily he was staying put for about 4 minutes and we finally got our long awaited photo opportunity!  
Miraculously, out of 200+ buses running in Snohomish County, we ended up spotting a different bus number on a different route and it happened to be parked at the Lynnwood Transit Center as we were leaving! Thanks to Community Transit and their kind staff who helped make our Christmas picture one of the best ever!" - Jeff Miller

Photo courtesy of Jeff Miler

Photo courtesy of Jeff Miller
Photo courtesy of Jeff Miller

Editor's Note:  Thanks, Jeff, for sharing your bus adventure with us! Our Smart Commuter Rewards Program encourages employees to find alternative ways to get to work besides driving alone. To participate, employees must work at worksites in Snohomish County or City of Bothell receiving Commute Trip Reduction services from Community Transit. Refer to this list of participating worksites to see if you are eligible.

Questions? Contact our Transportation Demand Management Specialists for additional information:
  • Stacey Gunnerson, (425) 348-2304
  • Debbie Anderson, (425) 438-6136  

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