Friday, September 13, 2013

Gov. Inslee Makes Pitch for Snohomish County Transportation Investment

Gov. Jay Inslee was at Lynnwood Transit Center yesterday making the case for new investment in transportation projects. He said that Snohomish County is a key for transportation investment because of Boeing and other manufacturing jobs that rely on roads and transit to move goods and people.

With a backdrop of a Swift bus and speaking to an audience of about 100 people, including many elected officials, business owners and community leaders, Inslee said the state has a role in transportation and he called upon legislators to work with him to get a funding package approved as soon as possible.

Asked if there would be a special session of the Legislature later this year to approve a transportation funding package, Inslee said, "We need to have a package fully baked, and the votes fully identified before calling a special session." Inslee said he did not want
to bring lawmakers together to simply "sit around talking."

Following the speech, about 60 people took a tour of county projects identified in a funding proposal on a Community Transit bus. For its part, Community Transit is seeking funding to add service after several years of cuts. The agency also is studying routing for a new Swift line and is seeking state funding to help that become a reality.

Thanks to Economic Alliance Snohomish County, which sponsored this event, and is leading the effort in Snohomish County to get transportation projects funded.


  1. I truly hope that the added service that community transit is seeking is to provide service on Sundays. If not, you're not looking after the best interest of your riders. Your slogan "Promising tomorrow with responsibility today" is inaccurate, in my opinion. You do not promise tomorrow seven days a week. I believe there should be an asterisk after tomorrow, saying "except Sundays" that slogan would be more accurate.

  2. no sunday service but a nice pay raise for the must be so proud Martin to work for someone who cares so much for the public that pays her salary.....the board of directors should be ashamed