Friday, June 28, 2013

People Choosing Smarter Travel Options with Curb the Congestion

Curb the Congestion is better than ever with the addition of two new corridors and a new incentive!

Since 2008, Community Transit and Snohomish County have partnered to offer Curb the Congestion, a program that reduces traffic congestion, parking demand and greenhouse gases on local roadways. The program offers resources and rewards to residents and employees who use smart travel options such as bus, carpooling, vanpooling, biking or walking.  We have seen pretty dramatic results over the years with over 2,750 participants removing:
·         Over 250,000 trips from local congested roadways
·         4.6  million pounds of CO2 from our air
·          5.3 million miles of driving alone

This year the program expanded to provide resources and rewards to people traveling on these four congested Snohomish County roadways:
  • 128th Street (between Everett and Mill Creek)
  • 164th Street SW/SE (between Lynnwood and Mill Creek)
  • NEW 196th Street (between Edmonds and I-5)
  • NEW Bothell-Everett Highway (between 128th Street and downtown Bothell)
Choose a smarter trip on one of these corridors at least 8 days a month and you could win the following incentives. 
·     Monthly Rewards: Receive $50 a month for three months!
  • Continue to log smarter trips to qualify for a $150 drawing each month and earn a coupon for a discount or free item at a local business through our NEW Preferred Partner Reward program.
  • Recruiter Rewards: Earn up to $100 a year when you refer friends, neighbors or co-workers.
For more information on the program or assistance with your travel options, contact our Curb the Congestion Outreach Specialist at (425) 438-6136 or

Athena’s story is a great example of how the Curb the Congestion program works!

Athena Parker of Mill Creek first learned about Curb the Congestion when she read a brochure.  She went home and signed up.  

Athena says, “It was nice that I could win but I really started putting in my hours to show that people do use the buses every day and that bus service is a valued thing.”

“When I ride I save myself the stress of driving and I give myself some more time to work. Since I'm a college student, anything that I can do to make my time easier and stress free is awesome. Riding the bus also saves me the cost of buying a parking permit each quarter and gas for my old car. And that saves me around $180 dollars a quarter.”


  1. Your link ( to the "Preferred Partner Reward" program is faulty.

    I believe this is the link you intended to direct people towards -

  2. you need to curb the congestion at the ash way p and r....I watched as a driver in a out of service bus was just driving in circles waiting to park her bus...I was curious so I watched...the driver finally was able to park and I watched as she had to run to use the rest room, a minute later she came out running back to the bus strait into the drivers seat off she went, doesn't seem fare to the drivers,