Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Spring Into Gear, Bike Month Is Here

Today marks the first day of national Bike Month and Community Transit is encouraging people to get out there and ride a bike to work, to a transit center or just for fun. Whether it is your first time on a bike or you have a closet full of padded shorts and spandex, there are many benefits you can get from riding a bike. Here are a few good reasons to spring into gear this month and get riding.

"Oxy Gene supports bikes and buses. "Oh yeaahh!"
It is cheaper than driving.
According to AAA, the average cost of operating a car in 2012 was 58.5 cents per mile. For many drivers that can add up to thousands of dollars each year. An article in Forbes Magazine in 2012 stated the annual cost of operating a bike was just $308 – accounting for a huge savings over driving each day.
For people with longer trips, combining biking with transit is another great way to keep costs down. Check out our cost calculator to see what your savings could be.

It supports a healthy lifestyle.
Biking is one of the best activities for improving your overall health, including:
• Improved cardiovascular health and a decrease in coronary heart diseases
• Increased coordination, balance and flexibility
• Improved muscle tone and strength
• Increased endurance and stamina
• Decreased obesity and weight-related diseases
• Strengthened  immune system

It gets you out of traffic.
Americans spend more than 25 minutes driving to work each day according to the 2010 U.S Census. By avoiding congestion, cycling could help you get there faster and avoid sitting in traffic.

It connects you to transit.
Biking is a great way to connect to local and regional transit near your home or work. Community Transit encourages bus riders to incorporate bikes into their daily commute. Every Community Transit bus is equipped with a two-bike rack in the front. Swift buses have three interior bike racks so riders can quickly roll their bikes right onto the buses. Bus riders can also store their bikes at bike lockers located at park & rides throughout the county. Learn more at

It is a free gym on wheels.
By combining your daily workout with your commute or errands, you can save yourself a trip to the gym and free up more time to do other things you enjoy. 

It makes your community better.
There are many benefits to the community when people choose to ride their bikes regularly:
• It reduces congestion on roadways by removing cars
• It removes greenhouse gas emissions
• The more bicycles on the road, the safer it becomes because drivers are more aware of their surroundings
• It encourages local spending and engagement

And the last reason to ride your bike this May and all year long: It’s Fun!

Community Transit is supporting bike activities all month long throughout Snohomish County. To learn more, visit Cascade Bicycle Club’s Bike Month website.

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