Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Service Changes - on Presidents Day, Feb. 18

On Monday, Feb. 18, Community Transit service will be operating on new schedules. That's not unusual, the agency changes its schedules twice a year. Typically, routing changes and other more substantial changes occur at those times.

Last year, the February service change was significant, we eliminated eight routes, created two new routes, restructured our local service network and cut service hours by 20 percent. And, that happened on Presidents Day.

That presented a bit of a problem. Community Transit no longer operates on Sundays, so our schedule changes take place on Mondays. On minor holidays, like Presidents Day, we typically run a reduced commuter schedule to Seattle as ridership is about 40 percent what it is on a non-holiday. But how do you communicate the many changes that start that day, then say that some of them won't actually happen until the next day?

Well, the Puget Sound transit agencies have agreed to have their service changes on the same day, and those dates are set by Metro. As it happens, Metro has selected Presidents Day as the February service change date through 2015.

For Community Transit riders, this means that the 30 additional commuter trips being added this month will not all be added on Feb. 18. Some will, but only on Routes 402, 413 and 855, which, along with Route 421, are the only commuter routes we operate that day. The other extra trips will start the next day.

Our other significant changes - to Routes 112 and 417, will take place on Feb. 18 because we operate regular local service on Presidents Day. We also encourage all riders to check the new Bus Plus books or the new schedules online to see what time their bus will come that day. Trip times are sometimes tweaked to make better connections, because "real-world" traffic conditions have changed, or to add or take away downtime for our drivers (they need breaks too!).

By the way, Sound Transit buses in Snohomish County will see their service changes beginning Feb. 17.


  1. will these added trips mean there are more drivers coming back? I have had more buses not show up this past year than in the 11 years I've been riding

  2. what will happen to bus drivers now will they stay the same or change routes?

  3. will the bus drivers stay the same?

  4. Three times a year our drivers bid on the routes they will work based on seniority. They take over this new work on our two service change dates (in February and September) and in June. Some drivers like a particular route and choose to stay with it, and some choose other work. Some who are further down the seniority ranks don't have as much a choice in the work they get.

    And yes, there will be several new drivers to help with added trips and to keep us on schedule.

    1. martin you never the persons question...which company is getting more drivers? I too am curious

    2. Most of our commuter service is run out of our Kasch Park base, so the extra trips were covered by drivers there. Community Transit is hiring up to 8 new drivers (they will be recalled from our lay-off list) this year to help with additional trips and staffing.

  5. So what's the popular routes of the drivers. Lol

  6. It really varies as to which routes drivers choose. Some like to travel the rural roads of north county. Others prefer busier routes. Still others like the split shifts of the commuter routes. Some drivers like Swift because there is less customer interaction, and some don't like it for that reason.

  7. I happen to know there were no extra drivers brought back at community transit to cover these extra bus routes, where those jobs giving to the other company that drives the downtown routes?