Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New stops on 196th - finally!

Route 196 began serving two new stops on 196th Street at 48th Avenue in Lynnwood today. The stops are near the Fred Meyer complex and provide the closest connection between this route and Lynnwood Transit Center.

As previously discussed both here and in the Seattle Transit Blog, these bus stops were requested before Route 196 went into service last February. The City of Lynnwood was reluctant to allow new bus stops on 196th because of potential impacts to traffic whenever buses make stops. This street is one of the busiest in the county. The city has allowed these new stops on a temporary basis and will be monitoring their use and traffic impacts.

As part of the agreement with Lynnwood, the bus stop on westbound 196th at 50th Avenue has been removed. That was an orphan stop without an eastbound counterpart and had minimal activity. The new stops are less than a quarter-mile away and provide easier access to places riders really want to go.

It goes without saying that we are very pleased to be able to provide these stops for our customers who have waited patiently (and not-so-patiently) since last winter.

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  1. Well, it's about time. There will probably be even more riders now, and deservedly so. I don't know why City of Lynnwood was complaining. There have bus stops near 196th and Hwy 99 and traffic has managed just fine over there, 196 and 48th will be just fine.