Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Service Change Delayed Until March 20

Typically, Community Transit’s service change is timed to coincide with the other regional transit agencies. That date for this winter’s service change is Feb. 6. But Community Transit will not have its service change until March 20 due to construction delays on the Sound Transit Mountlake Terrace Freeway Station project.

Sound Transit’s service changes in Snohomish County also will be delayed until March 20.

Most of Community Transit’s changes this winter are centered around service in the Mountlake Terrace area, and at the transit center. The agency is taking advantage of the new freeway station to save some money by eliminating the two Seattle commuter routes that now run out of the Mountlake Terrace Transit Center and instead have two existing commuter routes pick up and drop off at the new freeway station.

Sound Transit Routes 511 and 513 will also use the freeway station to serve the Mountlake Terrace Transit Center starting March 20. Route 511 will operate every 15 minutes in both directions on weekdays, greatly increasing bus service for this area.

Other local bus changes help with connections to the transit center or realign service through the city of Mountlake Terrace.

When completed, the freeway station will make the Mountlake Terrace Transit Center another south county transit hub that could lure riders away from Lynnwood Transit Center or even Ash Way. Stay tuned for a grand opening announcement.


  1. I understand that the 510 is an EXPRESS route to Everett, but I think Sound Transit and Community Transit should collaborate a schedule that would allow the 510 to stop at the Mountlake Terrace Freeway station, ESPECIALLY on Sundays when people in South Snohomish county have NO way to get to and from Everett unless they first travel south to King County via the 511, then take a 510. The 513 only runs on weekdays in Peak hour directions, limiting the availability for people in South Snohomish county to utilize it as an option to Everett in the first place. Ideally the 513 serves as a supplementary route to the 510 during rush hour for people traveling between Everett and Downtown Seattle. Having the 510 stop at Mountalke Terrace would be a better use of resources, as opposed to having a route that already serves a specific purpose make only five extra stops per day in each direction.

  2. This is a good idea. I would suggest that you share this idea with Sound Transit; you can submit comments via email at

    If you are not aware, Sound Transit will start a new Route 512 in June. This route will run Sundays only between Everett Station and Seattle stopping at each of the transit centers along I-5, including Mountlake Terrace. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Or hop on 511 northbound and transfer via Lynnwood or Ash Way...

  4. I am glad to know that Sound Transit is on top of things as usual.

    In responce to "anonymous" I would like to see you try that idea on a Sunday. And the point of HOV transit stations allong I-5 is to prevent people from needing to transfer to multiple busses in the first place.

    Thanks for the Email address Martin.

  5. In June Sound Transit is planning to Put a Route 512 that will serve all the stops of the 510 and 511 on the weekends. At that time you will beable to go to the major hubs around south County.

  6. I'd like it when the 511 stops at Mountlake T. That will cut down my ride time to/from downtown Seattle to Edmonds. I try to avoid the MT 358 if I can.