Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Downtown Seattle bus bay changes at Lynnwood Transit Center

One of the fallouts from the June 13 service change was confusion at Lynnwood Transit Center’s Bay D5.

Six different bus routes were scheduled to leave that same bay to downtown Seattle each morning. As you can imagine, some of the those buses arrived at nearly the same time and customers were inventively forming various queues to catch a particular bus.

After several days of observation and receiving comments from riders, we’ve made an adjustment that will improve customer loading and bus flow. These changes go into effect on Tuesday, July 6.

• Community Transit Routes 401, 402 and 422, all of which travel to downtown Seattle from the north end via Stewart and 2nd, will continue to depart from Bay D5.

• Community Transit Routes 421 and 425, which travel to downtown Seattle from the south end via Cherry and 4th, will depart from Bay D4.

• Sound Transit Route 511, which travels to downtown Seattle from the north end via Stewart and 5th, will depart from Bay D2.

• All routes will serve their new bay assignments in both the southbound and northbound directions.

Information about the changes is available at the bus bays and on the Community Transit website. Also, staff will be at LTC Tuesday morning to help people adjust to the new bay assignments.

This change means that our newly printed Bus Plus books will be incorrect for these routes at these bays. But it was decided that improving the customer experience was the higher priority. Besides, minor changes are often made between service change cycles which deviate from Bus Plus language. Which is why we now tell our customers that the best, most-up-to-date information can be found on our website.

By the way, riders to and from Lynnwood now have more options because of the service change. Several routes (Routes 421, 422 and 425) from north Snohomish County now make stops at LTC on their way to and from downtown Seattle, meaning there are more buses to choose from between Lynnwood and Seattle. Now that we’ve got the bay issue worked out, we hope more riders will learn to take advantage of this benefit.


  1. I ride community transit every weekdays and sometimes on the weekends. Most of the buses are LATE MOST OF THE TIME. MORE LATE THAN EVER! I thought they increased the fare and cancelled some schedules to have a better service. The service is even WORSE! I usually take buses 201/202 but it's more late than ever. Bus 101 is the same. Thanks to the Swift bus though. Traffic is not bad everyday especially by midday from Smokey Point to Lynnwood. Same also on Highway 99 from Everett to Aurora Village Transit Center. I usually miss my connections which I don't expect because the period of time in my connecting place is supposed to be 25 mins. to wait for my connecting bus. If not I am in a hurry to get to my connecting bus. That is because I follow the schedules. Maybe not anymore. The schedules on bus stops/books are useless. It doesn't count the period of time for unloading passengers then loading passengers. Well, I guess they increased the fare to have a worse service!

  2. Community Transit will not be operating on July 4th and will not be operating on July 5th. Two days in a row with no service is not easy for people who do not drive.

  3. I commute on a combination of local and commutger routesw; the Community Transit buses I take are rarely late. I have never missed a connection in the morning and I have enough options in the afternoon that it's no big deal.

    I do wish that Community Transit participated in, like Metro does.

  4. I have been seeing CT routes in apps ...not sure when that came online but it's there now.