Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bike to Work Begins

It might not look like friendly weather outside today, but the biking season has begun! My records reflect that I biked home from work in shorts and a tank top on March 24, 2010 (high 68). I was not alone that day as a very happy bicyclist on the roads of Snohomish County - though some of you had on jackets.

If you’ve been thinking this might be the year for you to find some friends, pump up your tires and participate in Snohomish County Bike to Work events, this is the place for you. Through this blog post (and future ones titled “Bike to Work”) we’ll share riding tips and route ideas, encouragement and event information. Feel free to post your questions and comments, or to email directly for personal assistance.

A Bike to Work kickoff event is scheduled for April 29 in Everett. If you’d like some advice or inspiration, stop by. We'll also be handing out the new Snohomish County Area Bicycling & Trail Map.

It’s true: I am a crazy bike commuter, one who rides year-round no matter the weather or miles. But you could be a sane one. Because most trips people take are 5 miles or less. It might take 20-30 minutes to bike where you usually drive, and think what you’ll accomplish along the way. You’ll get your daily exercise, burn some extra calories, say “Hello” to your neighbor, notice the fresh green of the trees, smell the latte stand, forget your worries and be fully present as you pedal.

I’ve been bike commuting for more than 10 years now, but I felt the same exhilaration on the first mile of the first day (even when a mile was about how far I was willing to ride at first). Biking is so easy – well, a kid can do it.

But why should kids have all the fun?


  1. Yes!! Lets ride to work!! Anyone wishing to join me from Snohomish to Monroe? Need to be in Monroe between 6am - 8am, M-Th. Or, Leave Monroe bound for Snohomish sometime between 3 - 4pm. Please contact me:

  2. I need team members! I ride the bus into everett from snohomish and at 6pm i ride from silver lake down to marsh road into snohomish! Its a good ride. If any wants to ride with or join my team and log their travels so we have a spot on the top! let me know!
    I log about 30miles a day including my bus trip
    My team is called LEFT!
    I should say I am not a professional so not expecting any. :)

  3. Some 64 people came by the Bike to Work Kickoff yesterday (April 29) in Everett excited to organize teams and enjoy some exercise (or easy pedaling) in the great outdoors. Keep talking to co-workers and friends about how easy it can be to bike a mile or two to work or transit.

  4. I'm looking for team members...Riding centennial trail into Snohomish to work...

  5. Interurban Trail will have parts closed for trail maintinence, Monday May 17 through Thursday May 20 (first week of the Snohomish Commute Challenge). A request for more details has been made with the Snohomish County and City of Lynnwood's parks departments. When more information is available it wil be posted on this blog.