Thursday, February 4, 2010

Have you been or will you be heard?

Community Transit has received hundreds of formal comments on our 2010 Service & Fare Changes Proposal. Staff have photocopied and forwarded all comments to our board members (as a DVD, not paper), and a summary is now posted on our website.

It's important to realize that with such a volume of comments and questions, it is not possible during this input process to respond to every request for additional information. However, we have been updating the "frequently asked questions" on our website. We have also posted some of the materials prepared for today's hearing that answer "What are the alternatives?" (pdf) and "What are the staffing impacts?" (pdf)

If you are attending today's hearing at the Future of Flight, here's what to expect:
  • The hearing is first on the agenda. If you want to speak, please "take a number" (literally - this will help things flow)
  • To give everyone a chance to speak, you'll be limited to 3 minutes
  • If you have a question you want answered, see staff who will be set up outside the hearing room. The hearing itself is for board members to listen, not respond to public comment
  • Information displays will be set up outside the hearing room. Staff will be available there to answer questions and discuss the proposals
  • If you don't have time to wait for your chance to speak, you can have your comment videotaped for the board. The video station will be set up outside the hearing room
The public input process remains open through Feb. 8. Please submit formal comments to:


  1. Thank you for publishing the feedback you've received to date. It was getting pretty discouraging to not see a summary.

    Can we additionally get a clarification on which changes are considered "temporary" (i.e. until a budget is restored) and which are considered "permanent"? It's clear that the Sunday service is temporary, but the message is a bit muddy on the other proposed cuts.

  2. Sorry, but since we don't even have an adopted plan for service reductions, it's hard to have a plan for service restoration at this time. When our finances improve, we will review ridership demand, requests for service, our long range plan and the like to develop a plan that makes sense at that time.