Thursday, March 21, 2019

Taking Swift Green Line to the Paine Field Passenger Terminal

In honor of our Swift Green Line opening this week, we are celebrating "Green Week" with a series of stories about our Swift service.

The anticipation is over! The Paine Field Airport Passenger Terminal is open with Alaska Airlines providing daily flights since March 4 and United Airlines set to begin service on March 31.

The timing couldn’t be better for the launch of Community Transit’s Swift Green Line on Sunday, March 24. Swift Green Line, the agency’s second bus rapid transit line, will connect with the Swift Blue Line at Airport Rd. and Highway 99, creating a high-frequency, high-capacity transit network. With Swift Green Line stations at Airport Rd. and 100th St., riders can catch a bus every 10 minutes on weekdays and every 20 minutes early mornings, nights and weekends to reach Paine Field.

From the Swift Green Line station, it’s just a short walk to the passenger terminal. We decided to video that walk from the northbound Swift Green Line station at Airport Rd. and 100th St. to provide an actual view of what it’s like and how long it actually takes. This is the station that riders will arrive at if they take Swift Green Line from Mill Creek or Bothell. It’s also the same station that riders will arrive at if they transfer from Swift Blue Line coming from Everett Station or Lynnwood, Edmonds or Shoreline.

When walking to the passenger terminal, it’s important to note that pedestrians will need to cross Airport Rd. and then cross again to the south side of 100th St. where there is a sidewalk and walking path to the terminal.

Parts of the path are newly paved. Pedestrians will pass buildings such as a flight museum and several training facilities. There’s an Alaska Airlines office along the path that’s not part of the terminal, so keep walking. Just past Alaska Airlines, the sidewalk ends. You can see the terminal to your right. Follow the crosswalk markings across the parking lot to get to the terminal.

The walk takes about 10 minutes from the station to the terminal, depending on a few factors such as:
  •       Wait time for walking signal at intersection
  •       Walking speed
  •       Baggage, and
  •       Weather
This test walk took about 8 minutes; the weather was clear and sunny.

We are excited about the new service at the passenger terminal and just as excited to provide a reliable and consistent option to get there for those choosing not to drive. Swift Green Line riders can leave the driving to us, while they relax and enjoy the ride to the Paine Field Passenger Terminal.

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